Aug 20, 2023

Pemamek’s Pema Skytrack compact robotic welding system includes positioner with robot track

Pemamek LLC has introduced the Pema Skytrack, a compact robotic welding system designed to facilitate welding of transmission housings, gearboxes, drive units, and hydraulic units. The system features the WeldControl 300 Offline control to enable the programming, simulation, and verification of workpieces at the workcell instead of at a CAD/CAM workstation.

It also features the Pema Skyhook positioner with integrated robot track. Movement on all axes is servomotor-driven and fully integrated with the controller for synchronous movement of the robot and positioner. This configuration helps maintain the proper axis or plane on the weld element so that it can be rotated and turned synchronously in the correct position for the best weld joint penetration and deposition.