Industry Tank Pipe Flange Scafford Cylinder Automobile Parts Automatic MIG TIG CNC Robot Welding Machine

Industry Tank Pipe Flange Scafford Cylinder Automobile Parts Automatic MIG TIG CNC Robot Welding Machine

Industry Tank Pipe Flange Scafford Cylinder Automobile Parts Automatic MIG TIG CNC Robot Welding Machine Gas tank circul


Basic Info.
Model NO. NZC-R2600
Welding Torch Quantity One or Two or More as Required
Welding Seam Type :Square, Circumferenc/Girth/Circular, Longitudinal
Protetcion Shield Case Yes or No as Required
Customized/OEM Ok
Transport Package Fumigation Woodern Box
Specification 3000*1500*1800mm or as design
Trademark Haoyu
Origin China
HS Code 8515319900
Production Capacity 500set/Year
Product Description

Industry Tank Pipe Flange Scafford Cylinder Automobile Parts Automatic MIG TIG CNC Robot Welding Machine Gas tank circular seam automatic welding: hydraulic cylinder oil port automatic welding: Square pipe flange automatic welding: Automatic longitudinal seam welding machine:
I .Design task:1. Used in multi-position girth welding for automobile steering gear.2. The width of the weld seam is uniform, and the overlap of the girth weld can be adjusted.3. In the whole length of the weld, there are no welding defects, such as air hole, Incomplete penetration, dent, burn through, slag inclusion, undercut, etc.4. Welding Qualified rate by one time is higher than 99%. It's require that the welding process is continuous and stable, with uniform and beautiful shape, penetration and width meet process requirements, clamping is convenient.5. Production rhythm: less than 30 seconds / pieceII. Welding process analysis1. welding technologyCO2 mixed gas, 1.2 ordinary carbon steel welding wire2. Horizontal machine body , workpiece rotation3. Requirements for workpiece3.1 Requirements of workpiece: the workpiece does not need spot welding.The workpieces need to be overall consistent, workpiece shape and size accuracy should meet the product drawings requirements,the basic form and size accuracy should be controlled within ± 0.5mm.3.2 Product surface should be clean, with no oil stains, rust and other defects.4. Basic idea:4.1 One set robot, workpiece rotation.4.2 The workpiece is clamped by the fixture device to ensure he welding seam position is not offset.4.3 Japan Panasonic TM-1400 robot and Tangshan Panasonic YD-350GR3 arc welding power supply which provide the High-speed signal transmission from which can greatly improve the quality welding and production efficiency.4.4 The Machine adopts the welding torch which is matched with Tangshan Panasonic robot, ensure the welding system can work stable and norms under large continuous work.4.5 Workstation shield is closed type. There is a pneumatic door at the working position, with through-beam grating protection at front side.4.6 Flexible welding fixture of the workstation is able to quickly replace the fixture and ensure repeated positioning accuracy.4.7 The workpiece is positioned by a positioning fixture to ensure that the weld position does not offset.III.Equipment compositionThe welding machine adopts closed structure, composed of the enclosed body, welding station, robot, fixture positioning and conductive mechanism, electrical control system, welding power and pneumatic system.1.Machine body:The upper part is mounted with an exhaust fan, and the outlet of the exhaust fan is connected with the exhaust pipe of the factory to exhaust the welding smoke timely.2.Equipped with rotary worktable, which is driven by the original Panasonic 500KG external shaft and mounted with the pneumatic clamping device and the conductive mechanism . The rotary worktable has diffraction grating and electrically operated door to ensure the safety of operators, and the robot will never enter this area when workers are loading and unloading the workpiece. And if any person enters this area when the robot is welding the workpiece, the robot will immediately stop3.The body base is welded by steel plate and steel profile, which has enough rigidity and strength. All girths shall be welded according to the requirements for weld strength, and stress treatment shall be carried out after welding to remove the internal stress and prevent deformation.4.The welding machine body and the robot control panel are welded by steel plate and steel profile which is rigidity and strength enough.All the wiring of the equipment has protective cover, the wiring on the ground is protected with metal wire slot, and if those wire are not on the ground ,it has bracket and bridge for installation of metal wire slot as wiring protection cover, to ensure equipment wiring meets safety requirements.5.The compressed air system is arranged on the side of the frame mechanism, composed of filter, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and solenoid valve. In normal use, the pressure relief valve is regulated to 0.2 ~ 0.5MPa. In order to facilitate the operator to observe, it is arranged at the enclosed fence near the operator's position: observation window for compressed air pressure gauge, and welding protective gas flow meter6.Emergency stop button box is arranged inside the machine shell,for emergency stop of the equipment.7.The enclosed fence which is assembled by the fence sections and sprayed plates. It has enough rigidity and strength with beautiful appearance. The front side is mounted with pneumatic lifting door, and the sliding door uses linear guide rail. The door is made of steel plate with good strength.8.The sliding door is driven by a cylinder, and a locking device is arranged in place. There is an observation window in the sliding door, and the observation window on the door to observe an adjust the welding process. There is a Through-beam grating device to ensure the safety. 9.During the automatic operation, the roll curtain of the loading and unloading station automatically rises, easy for the operator to load and unload the workpiece, the rolling curtain at the welding position will automatically put down to prevent the arc from injuring human eyes.10.Fixture mechanism:The welding tool is integral type, and connected with the working table by positioning pin hole, able to be replaced quickly. The welding tool is provided with a workpiece positioning datum, after inserting the oil storage cylinder in correct position, and the cylinder port is axially pressed by the air cylinder. Then the welding torch and the deflection machine reach the designated position, waiting for welding. All pneumatic components use Japanese SMC products.IV.Sales Term
  • Payment term: 30% T/T advance along with the purchase order, balance should be cleared before delivery
  • Delivery time: 45 days on receipt of payment in advance
  • Guarantee: 12 months for the whole machine
V. Company introduction :Jinan Haoyu Automation system Co., Ltd (another name is Jinan Haoyu CNC Machinery Co., Ltd) is a high-tech private company located in Jinan City ,Shandong province. We have been a professional manufacturer in the field of welding automation over 17 years.Our products mainly include automatic welding machine, robot welding station, automatic pipe cutting machine, automatic material handling equipment, automatic assembling machine,these machines are widely used in the areas of automobile,construction machinery, railway vehicle, electric power, shipbuilding, pressure container, petrochemical, house appliances and military industry, etc.We established a long-term cooperative relationship with more than 60 countries and regions, such as Canada,Italy,Australia,United States,India,south America.Our welding machines are recognized by customers with quality and excellent service.the company have obtained CE and ISO certification .With strong R&D staffs and Strict QC&QA team,so can design and produce as customers' requirements.Our sales team provide perfect support from Pre-sale and after-sale, in-sale.Technology Improvement and perfect products are the eternal pursuit of the company.Welcome to Visit us at any time!VI.Service support :We have always been committed with the service idea of customer-centric, supply Installation, adjustment, training and maintenance in pre-sales and after-sales service.1. Pre-sales Service Before signing contract, customers can get production plan, technical consultant and equipment suggestion and etc.2. Training service Customers can get free technical training in China factory. Mainly training are Training for machine,Basic daily cleaning and maintenance for the machine,Solutions for common hardware problems3. Equipment Maintenance One year free maintenance, lifelong caring,Free technical consultant,Customer service responding in 2 hours4.Pre-shipment inspection system:4.1 According to the customer's shipping details, we will check the products size, weight, spare parts, protective film and other information one by one for each invoice of goods. If there are any doubtful goods before delivery, quality inspectors will open the package in time and inspect the goods through professional testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of delivery.4.2.The outer packaging of each goods will also be checked, such as whether the packing is damaged, whether the wooden pallet is fumigated, whether the exported goods are packed with steel strips,etc. To ensure that the goods are not damaged during loading and unloading.Transportation ways : To central Asia, we use railway transport. To other countries, we choose sea transport. But all the products loaded on the containers.5 .Afer sale service system5.1 After our customer having received goods, if there are problems caused by the transportation of materials, we would let the customer take photos before unloading, give feedback to the freight forwarder, and make insurance compensation.5.2. After customers received the goods, if there some quality problems ,production problems. If it is confirmed that there are indeed quality problems.Our QA and QC managers and relevant responsible department will give the reasonable compensation content based on the business contract . 5.3 Our Technology support team will provide on-line training or site training (engineers go to customers 'factory site ) as customers need6. OEM is ok 7.Warranty :uausally is one year ,also can be 2~5years as customers requirementVII.FAQ Question 1 :How to customized a automatic welding machine for your workpiece ?Answer: Please tell us below information ,then we can design for your workpiece:1.1 the material of your workpiece 1.2 ,the length ,width,thickness of your workpiece or send the drawing of workpiece ,if there are different size workpiece ,tell us the range (Min and max )1.3 it is better to give us the Workpiece real picture .Question 2: What is the core components of automatic welding machine ? Answer : based on different Automatic welding machine,there are mainly including PLC ,CNC control system,inverter ,servo motor with driver ,welding power source,.welding torch ,robotic .pneumatic control system.Question 3:Is possible to design Multi-station with more welding torch ?Answer :yes ,it is ok we can design one torch or two torch or more welding torch work station to increase Question 4: What is the brand of the core components in the automatic welding machineAnswer :All core components are famous china brand or international brand ,such as :Welding power source ,we usually use OTC and Panasonic brand.if you need Lincoln welding power source or Miller Lincoln welding power source is ok ,we also can use it on our welding machine .For PLC : We usually use Omron and Siemens PLC, Customers can specify the brandFor robot :We usually use OTC ,YASUKAWA ,ABB or kuka ,or Customers can specify the brand.Question 5:How many kinds of our Welding machine ?Answer: Based on welding power source : there are automatic TIG welding machine ,automatic MIG welding machine ,automatic submerged arc welding machine(automatic SAW machine)Based on application : there are Automobile parts welding machine,Automatic scaffordding welding machiine ,pipe to flange Automatic welding machine ,Tank Automatic welding machine,Hydraulic cylinder piston rod Automatic welding machine,wheels Automatic welding machine and so on .Based on welding seam type : circular/girth seam welding machine ,longitudinal /straight seam welding machine ,Square seam welding machine.irregular seam welding machineQuestion 6: Is it possible to extend Warranty time ? Answer: Yes,our warranty time usually is 1 year for free ,but can be extended as required ,the price is a little expensive .no matter how long the warranty time ,our After-sale service is lifelong .IX.CE CertificateIX. Package 1.Normally we will use fumigation plywood case for packaging; for some big machine, we can use steel pallet and plastic filme cover.All machines are paint with anti rust paint or oil before leaving factory.2.Package can be as customers' requirement

Industry Tank Pipe Flange Scafford Cylinder Automobile Parts Automatic MIG TIG CNC Robot Welding Machine

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